Face Cleansing Mistakes. Don’t Make Your Skin Suffer!

It’s high time we faced… the most popular makeup removal and skin cleansing mistakes. Obviously, I’m not going to nag you if you decide to blow my tips off 🙂 Just let me repeat it like mantra: your skin hates these things!

Here are four things you shouldn’t do if you dream of a pretty and healthy face skin!

Imprecise Makeup Removal

You should use strongly-working products before sleep to get rid of toxins and impurities, and avoid makeup leftovers. Scrubs and greasy makeup removing oils are excellent ‘evening’ cosmetics. It is important that you let your skin breathe in the evening and rebuild the natural delicate protective layer.

Strong Purifying Products in the Morning

You should freshen up your skin in the morning yet don’t use harsh cleansing gels. Tepid water works better – it washes off minor impurities, refreshes the skin and – most of all – wakes you up if you’re a sleepyhead.

Too Harsh Makeup Removal

What is the most common cause of thinning eyelashes? It can be hormones, bad weather conditions or diseases. Another reason is the wrong care. If a lot of lashes stay on a cotton pad, it means you use too strong and ill-matched products or you remove makeup with too harsh motions e.g. rubbing the pad in different directions.

The Same Cosmetics for the Whole Face

One cream isn’t enough for your skin, especially when it’s combination skin type. When T zone is full of impurities and requires products designed for oily skin whereas the skin of cheeks is dry and cries for hydration. If you reach out for a moisturiser only, your nose and chin will suffer.

To me, these are the biggest mistakes we make in an everyday skin care. Is there anything you would add to the list? 🙂

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