Eyelash serum – Choose the one with short list of ingredients. Let me tell you why

Hey girls,

Today I’d like to share with you my knowledge concerning eyelash serums. What does make one eyelash serum good while the other is completely useless? Why some of them cause allergic reactions? Why some of them produce the expected results and the others encourage eyelashes to fall out, instead of stimulating their growth?

Since eyelashes are my weakness, I’ve spent long hours analysing not only what a good serum should be but, first and foremost, what SHOULD NOT be included in its composition. Owning to this knowledge, I know what the best eyelash serum should be.

I analysed the needs of eyelashes and what they need to grow strong. Also, I know how each of eyelash life cycle phases, anagen, catagen and telogen, looks like.

The most important phase is definitely anagen, which is the stage when an eyelash grows and reaches its maximum. The other phases are connected with dying back and contracting of eyelash bulbs (catagen). The stage when an eyelash has already fallen out and the bulb is in its ‘resting stage’ is called talogen. In other words, in this phase the bulb is getting ready to produce new eyelash.

I believe, you’ve already noticed, thanks to the three stages, that the life cycle of an eyelash is similar to the life cycle of a hair that grows on our heads. Since the structure of eyelash and hair are also alike, it becomes clear that both types need the same nourishing substances as the same factors may destroy eyelashes and hair. Therefore, the excess of proteins an eyelash serum contains may cause deterioration of lash state. This problem is called overproteined hair. To clarify, the excess of keratin might do more harm than good because it accumulates on a hair shaft and a hair bulb. As a consequence, overburdened hair isn’t strong enough to grow. Also, the hair becomes rough, stiff and brittle. Remember, you have to maintain the balance in hair care – and this also applies to eyelash care. In other words, by using an eyelash serum which contains proteins every day, you don’t nourish the lashes yet you spell doom for them. The most frequently used proteins are: silk, wheat proteins, oats proteins, collagen, elasticin and keratin. These substances shouldn’t be included into an eyelash serum composition. However, many manufacturers tend to add these substances to their products. Furthermore, it sometimes happens that there is no one but two or three types of proteins in one serum, and we, amazed at the natural substances, are convinced that this eyelash serum will be the best one. Unfortunately, supplying our eyelashes with such ingredients for long time will generate the adverse effects. Eyelashes will become weakened and brittle, and their growth can be stopped. All things considered, if you are planning to buy an eyelash serum, read the label. Look for the product the list of ingredients is short and don’t be fooled by the protein content.

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