Colourful mascara p2 Cali Vibes. Turquoise madness!

Do I need a turquoise mascara? Not necessarily because on the daily basis I wear mostly casual make-up in shades of brown. Hey, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to experiment with my make-up!

For the night-outs, parties and hangouts with my friends — these are situations when I reach for other cosmetics than usual. It is because I mostly want to emphasise the nature of the meeting/night out. If I’d wear burgundy smoky eye every day, then when going to the party I’d look like I always do. While the point is to look amazing!

So much for the word of introduction…

Now, I want to tell you about the latest weeks hit!

Did you know that there is something like COLOURFUL MASCARA? You probably know it well enough but just avoid it. I can’t say I’m surprised because these are products which make us feel contradicted. We associate it with the 90s. and have no nice memories about it. Until recently, I wasn’t much of a fan of it myself.

However, lately, I changed my mind and realised that colourful mascara can be cool! You just have to choose right eye shadows and plan your make-up carefully. It is commonly known that blue lashes will never look good alongside red eye shadows. It’s more of an artistic make-up, straight from the catwalk. The most important for us is that:

  •  blue mascara is best to combine with black and navy blue eye shadows;
  •  colourful mascara has to be highly pigmented.

Finally, I have found a colourful mascara that is perfect. With a clear conscience, I can recommend it to those of you who are afraid of other colours than black or brown. It is cosmetic to convince you that all you said about blue or violet mascara was mistaken!

p2 CALI VIBES let’s have a look mascara

I saw the turquoise and violet Cali Vibes mascara accidentally on some sale. These are not the first Cali Vibes mascaras, however, until now had mostly very natural colours. The colourful mascara let’s have a look is the newest addition to the collection. Limited edition Cali Vibes with its appearance (packaging with a palm tree in juicy colours) makes me think of a summer holidays.

Let’s have a look is available in two variants: turquoise and violet. What makes it different from other cosmetics? It looks like a lip gloss as it is probably the only mascara in the tube. It does not need to be squeezed out because the top of the soft tube is equipped with a classical wand. The colourful mascaras, p2 Cali Vibes, have one important advantage: are perfectly pigmented and coat even very dark eyelashes.

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