Colour reviving lip balm? Yes! It’s Dior Lip Glow

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If you ever had the chance to have a look at my makeup bag, you would see a wide range of products with dual action. One of them is the Dior Lip Glow lip balm. How does it work in skin care and when applying makeup?

Treatment and makeup with Dior 

Dior Lip Glow is definitely one of my favourite cosmetics. Not only does it take care of the skin of the lips, it also helps to create a natural makeup. Carefully selected ingredients and lots of shades will enhance every girl’s image. If you also want to take care of your lips, you can use Lip Sugar Scrub, which is a balm and scrub in one, also from Dior. And again, you have a two-in-one cosmetic! What will you achieve thanks to Dior Lip Glow?

Colour reviver lip balm by Dior – effects 

Dior Lip Glow has a creamy formula that covers lips easily. It provides soothing, moisturising and nourishing effects. The product makes your lips look prettier, healthier with a natural shine. The makeup will be suitable for every look. What’s more, the effect is long-lasting, although the cosmetic is not resistant to food and drink; in this case, small corrections will be necessary.

What about the makeup?

Dior Lip Glow provides a natural and very delicate makeup. This effect will satisfy girls who value romantic and girlish looks. The brand offers new shades of pink, orange and violet. Dior brand also took care of various lip makeup solutions. We can, therefore, choose from holographic (the most fashionable this season) finish, matte (promoted by, for instance, Kim Kardashian) and the so-called glow (optically enlarging lips). Which one will you choose?

How to apply Dior Lip Glow?

The balm can be applied on its own or with your favourite lipstick. It will also work well on a regular lip balm or makeup primer. Just one layer of cosmetic from Dior is enough to create beautiful makeup and get good coverage. Dior Lip Glow can be applied with your finger or brush with soft bristles. The product will also allow you to create an ombre effect and other great looks.

Have you ever used Dior lip products? What do you think of the Lip Glow? What’s your go-to lip makeup?

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