Castor oil: For what you can use castor oil?

The oil of the year is for me, castor oil! Do you want to know why I love it so much? It’s super cheap, super efficient, easy to get and works amazing. If you’re interested, enjoy the rest of this post 🙂


Also known as a natural laxative, but castor oil has numerous valuable properties. It is cheap, especially when compared to other equally universal and popular – argan oil. Castor oil can be purchased at every pharmacy and those of you who are too lazy can get it online. Seemingly, it is no different from other oils, apart from density, which is definitely greater.

What’s so special about it? Hard to say. Its main ingredient (80%) is ricinoleic acid, characteristic of this particular product. However, castor oil contains also omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids which are present in other oils as well. Since ancient times it is used in medicine and skin and hair care due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Probably these are the key here.

Is castor oil really the remedy to all afflictions? To me, yes and it is what I want to tell you about. How does castor oil work in skin and hair care?

Castor oil on hair and scalp

I definitely use castor oil more often on the scalp because I’m whilst my home-made treatment for hair growth stimulation. The oil is thick, so I take it on the tips of my fingers and rub it in the scalp performing a massage in the process. It is an effective way to stimulate blood circulation so oil is absorbed easier. Use on hair is also possible, but I strongly recommend mixing it with other oil, cosmetic paraffin or egg yolk (sort of home-made mask).

What is castor oil action on hair?

  •  speeds up hair growth and thickens it;
  •  ensures gloss and softness;
  •  can darken the natural colour;
  •  protects against split ends;
  •  strengthens and prevents hair loss.

Castor oil on eyebrows and eyelashes

I had brief episode where I used castor oil on eyelashes as a natural growth stimulating conditioner. Then I learnt that you can use it also in order to make eyebrows dense. In both cases, it works the same way as on hair, which means that it strengthens, darkens, speeds up growth and makes denser. How to best apply castor oil to eyelashes and eyebrows? The best would be a wand from used up mascara. You just have to clean it and scald it first.

Castor oil for face

Not that often I use castor oil in skin care, but it probably results in the fact that I just have my favourite cream. However, the oil would be a strong competition to it because of its amazing properties on mature and problematic skin. It is perfect when it comes to acne, scars, callous skin, irritations, stretch marks, minor wounds and scrapes and skin ageing. If you suffer from any of the enumerated issues, I think that natural castor oil will be the best.

How does castor oil work on skin?

  •  minimises inflammations and soothes skin;
  •  antibacterial and anti-fungal action;
  •  speeds up healing processes;
  •  helps in healing and preventing of acne;
  •  makes skin complexion even and smooths skin.

An interesting fact: Castor oil can be used in OCM (Oil Cleansing Method). It is because oils are best to remove waterproof make-up and pollution. Unfortunately, Castor oil is too thick to use it alone. You should consider mixing it with other oil in 1:10 proportion (less of castor oil), for example, with grapeseed oil for dry skin, jojoba oil for oily skin or sweet almond oil for normal skin. Recommend it because of works wonders.

Castor oil for heels, elbows and knees

I was surprised myself! I thought that castor oil for acne is a surprise enough and here we go. Due to the fact that castor oil being able to regenerate, moisturise and soften, it works great on the hard epidermis. Regular use of it on heels/elbows/knees will soften and prevent cracking. I sometimes use it on heels like a cream, protected it with cotton socks and went to bed.

Do you know any other uses of castor oil?

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