Camouflage done in the nick of time! Instant Full Cover by Bobbi Brown


Stains, acne, red spider veins and dark circles under eyes disturb so many girls that it’s even hard for me to imagine how many of them are bothered with their face flaws. How about you? If you don’t like this kind of skin imperfections, let me give you a piece of good advice. Give a go to Instant Full Cover concealer by Bobbi Brown.

What can you find Bobbi Brown concealer being useful for?

You can use Instant Full Cover concealer to camouflage all possible skin imperfections as well as to contour your face. This cosmetic is good enough to cope with widespread discolorations, broken capillaries, reddened skin, dark circles under eyes and acne. Furthermore, it can also enhance the assets of your face, expose selected face parts or hide a big nose and high forehead.

What can you win thanks to Instant Full Cover concealer?

First and foremost, you win a very natural-looking make-up as well as smooth complexion and even skin tone. Basically, if you use Bobby Brown concealer to hide skin imperfections, it will be easier for you to apply the entire make-up flawlessly later. Also, you’ll use just minimal quantity of foundation and other colour cosmetics, and still obtain this very natural look. Moreover, while contouring, it will be easy for you to shape the face proportionally. Owning to Instant Full Cover, you will hide all signs of fatigue, and add fresh and youthful look to your appearance.

How to use the concealer by Bobby Brown properly?

At the beginning, apply a moisturising cream. When the cosmetic gets absorbed, follow with Instant Full Cover concealer but in scarce. Put on the product under eyes and topically to all the imperfections. Of course, make use of the applicator the cosmetic goes with. Then, blend the concealer with skin or foundation. Bear in mind that the less concealer applied, the more natural look you will get. When Instant Full Cover melts completely and blends with the shade of a foundation, you can finish doing make-up.

Instant Full Cover concealer – A few concluding words

Bobbi Brown offers 15 shades of Instant Full Cover concealer. Hence, you don’t have to bother that you won’t find matching shade. How to choose it? Basically, the shade of the concealer you want to use should be one tone brighter than the foundation’s or your complexion’s. Thanks to this, the product will light the skin up and blend well with other colour cosmetics. As a consequence, make-up you’re going to obtain will look very natural. After all, this is the effect you want to get.

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