Beauty benefits of using mango butter? My recipes for home cosmetics with mango butter

Do you know how mango butter is extracted? Its pressed from mango fruit seeds. Personally, I adore it for its skin and hair moisturising properties. The best two things about mango butter are that it can be applied to all skin types and that it can be used as a base ingredient to make numerous home cosmetics. Before describing its benefits and application in cosmetics, I’ll focus on mango components first. After that, I’ll share with you my fav recipes for home cosmetics with mango butter, and these are body balm, body scrub and lip balm. Do you know how to prepare a relaxing bath with mango butter? I have a recipe for it, too!

Mango butter – nutrient composition and properties

A few facts for a start. Mango butter is comprised of unsaturated fatty acid omega-9 (oleic acid) and saturated acids (stearic and palmitic acid). Oleic acid can be found in the great majority of moisturising cosmetics because it’s able to mend the lipid coat of skin and regenerate it. When it comes to stearic acid, it plays the role of a stabilizer and extends the cosmetic’s shelf life.

Apart from acids, mango butter contains vitamins (A, C, E, K and B-group) and polyphenols. Vitamins A, C and E are called the vitamins of youth because they display anti-oxygenating action, support collagen synthesis and epidermis regeneration. Vitamin K works anti-inflammatory just like polyphenols that additionally protect cells and fight bacteria and viruses.

Mango butter is good at replenishing skin with water, making it softer by locking water inside. Moreover, it regenerates epidermis, helps fighting with stretch marks, soothes irritated and dehydrated skin, accelerates healing up of breaks in the skin. For that reason it’s a good idea to apply soothing mango butter to sunburns, cracked heels and chapped lips.

Mango butter – application in cosmetics

Mango butter has creamy consistency, is easy to spread on body and is fast to absorb into the skin. It can be used as body balm or rubbed into the body parts that are especially prone to irritations and cracking (i.e. heels and lips).

I love mango butter for its universality: it doesn’t clog pores, it displays regenerating properties and is suitable to treat all skin types with, including mature skin. Why? It’s owed to a high concentration of vitamin A that delays skin ageing processes. Additionally, mango butter is good at taking care of hair, especially if you want to smooth it out and reinforce hair ends.

My favourite recipes for home cosmetics with mango butter

Mango butter can be used to produce homemade, organic cosmetics and apply them freely every single day. Pure mango butter is just incredible when it comes to its skin moisturising features. Since it (refined) doesn’t have any smell, it can be combined with favourite essential oils or natural oils as well as with other butters. This is how you can gift your mango butter with a marvellous aroma and take advantage of its natural potential fully.

Body balm with mango butter – Recipe

In order to prepare it, I mix mango butter with cocoa butter using 1:1 proportion. Then I add coconut oil and make sure that the oil doesn’t make the cosmetic to runny. If you want to, you can use jojoba oil or marula oil instead of coconut oil – just do as you please. I pour the ready cosmetic into a jar and put it into a fridge to allow it to get a little bit thicker. Once it happens, I apply the cosmetic to my entire body skin. Remember to store the mango body balm in a cool place.

Body scrub with mango butter – Recipe

Body scrub with mango butter is my favourite exfoliating cosmetic. Preparing it is child’s play: I combine mango butter with brown sugar and add a few drops of essential oil (in most cases I go for vanilla or orange, but you don’t have to). I consider my scrub as a great way for conditioning my body and exfoliating dead epidermis cells from my feet.

Lip balm with mango butter – Recipe

The skin regenerating features of this balm are just out of this word. To make this cosmetic, I combine mango butter with cocoa butter using 2:1 proportions. Then I add a little bit of beeswax and put the balm into a container of an old lip balm.

Nourishing bath with mango butter – Recipe

I guess there is nothing more relaxing than having a bath, especially when the water releases wonderful aroma. My recipe for nourishing bath is exceptionally easy. All you have to do is add mango butter with your fav essential oil (in my case it would be again vanilla or orange oil) to bathwater. This scented bath will soften your skin and leave a protective layer on its surface.

Have you ever tested cosmetics with mango butter? Perhaps you prepared this kind of cosmetics yourself? If so, share your recipes below!

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