Alphabet of Youth: A, B, C & Other Vitamins that Keep Skin Healthy

Do you think of getting some supplements with the onset of the spring? Treating the skin with an extra portion of vitamins is a very good idea. If you agree, then this post is a must-read for you! I will tell you why it is essential to provide the complexion with vitamins and which ones should be infused into your skin care products and supplements. Sit back and read on!

Vitamins – why are they essential to skin health?

Some of you may be wondering what’s the point of putting vitamins into a face cream or serum. Aren’t healthy foods and supplements enough to keep the complexion healthy? Not necessarily. Even though our skin is a huge organ, it is somehow downplayed: all vitamins and beneficial nutrients firstly go to our internal organs like the brain or heart, so the skin gets all the “scraps” which are left. It doesn’t seem fair, does it? That’s why we need to remedy the skin using a good vitamin-packed serum or cream.

Vitamins of youth: what are they?

Any skin needs vitamins. They enhance the processes in cells and have the ability to fix damage done by the passing time and destructive free radicals. What vitamins should you incorporate into your daily skin care routine? The best ones are coming right up!

  • Vitamin B7 (biotin) – a brilliant vitamin for lovely, strong hair, and long, healthy nails! Additionally, biotin helps maintain skin health and takes part in keeping the mucosa in good condition.
  • Vitamin A, or famous retinol. It is common knowledge vitamin A has the most intensive antiaging effect out of all vitamins. It keeps enhancing the epidermal renewal process. Regular application of retinol has a very beneficial effect and can even smooth the first fine lines. Plus, it helps preserve the even skin tone, and prevents comedones, and bacterial infections. This powerful vitamin is added not only to antiaging products but also anti-acne treatments.
  • Vitamin C is another skin-friendly vitamin! It is excellent for adding radiance and making the face look rested, as well as stimulating collagen synthesis, keeping the complexion young and plump. Vitamin C brightens the epidermis and busts all unwanted blemishes like post-sun or age spots.
  • Vitamin B5 takes part in synthesis of proteins and keeps the cells vital, allowing them to bounce back and avoid damage.
  • Vitamin E makes a perfect match with vitamin C. Together they are really powerful, preventing aging of cells through enhancing collagen synthesis and protecting against oxidative stress.

The 5 vitamins are the most precious skin enhancers. Get a quality vitamin-rich face serum to let the skin bounce back in spring. You will see the results fast. Ideally, find oil-based serum because most vitamins require fats for synthesis. Happy springtime skin care!

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