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Silk for hair – The Action, Types and Use

Hey! Smooth hair with a natural glow? It is effect achievable only with silk. Check out how you should use it and which product will be best for you. After all, silk is a very popular and highly recommended product for hair stylization and beautification. What is silk for hair? Silk is a nourishing cosmetic […]


A handful of DIY recipes for homemade hair conditioners

Hello everyone! I started using homemade hair conditioners after analyzing the labels of the drugstore products. I was surprised learning what bad stuff is smuggled in hair cosmetics even in the high-end products. Yes, I have a few favorite products that I willingly and with a clear conscience put into the basket, but with the same […]


Emollients, proteins and humectants – hair nutriment in close-up

In order to maintain the hair’s good condition and outstanding appearance, it is essential to introduce proper balance in the care products. On a daily basis, the hair is provided with substances from the three basic groups responsible for its appearance and care. The secret lies in the balance and the right proportions. Have you ever […]


Castor oil: For what you can use castor oil?

The oil of the year is for me, castor oil! Do you want to know why I love it so much? It’s super cheap, super efficient, easy to get and works amazing. If you’re interested, enjoy the rest of this post 🙂 ♥ CASTOR OIL ♥ Also known as a natural laxative, but castor oil […]


NANOIL for low porosity hair – my method for oily, flat and difficult to style hair

nanoil hair oil for low porosity review

I do not know if you’ve noticed, but it’s usually the case that women who have straight hair dream about having curly hair, and vice versa. I must admit with pride that in my case it is different. I have straight hair, I always had it and I will always have it. Of course, from […]