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Why has my hair been thinning so badly recently?

If you’ve noticed your hair falling out too excessively lately, this might – but not necessarily – mean that there’s something wrong happening with your stands. Firstly, it’s worth finding out the cause of hair thinning because sometimes its a symptom of a disease. On other occasion this hard-to-tackle hair loss problem is caused by […]


Emollients, proteins and humectants – hair nutriment in close-up

In order to maintain the hair’s good condition and outstanding appearance, it is essential to introduce proper balance in the care products. On a daily basis, the hair is provided with substances from the three basic groups responsible for its appearance and care. The secret lies in the balance and the right proportions. Have you ever […]


L’Oreal Paris Elseve The Magical Power of Essential Oil Hair Cream – Review

Hey Girls, I know that many of you are interested in oil hair treatment (hair oiling as some of you call the procedure) and you would like to know which oils to buy. Are the oils available in a drug store worthwhile to use? What’s the effect when we finally apply them to hair? Many […]