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Castor oil: For what you can use castor oil?

The oil of the year is for me, castor oil! Do you want to know why I love it so much? It’s super cheap, super efficient, easy to get and works amazing. If you’re interested, enjoy the rest of this post 🙂 ♥ CASTOR OIL ♥ Also known as a natural laxative, but castor oil […]


NANOIL for low porosity hair – my method for oily, flat and difficult to style hair

nanoil hair oil for low porosity review

I do not know if you’ve noticed, but it’s usually the case that women who have straight hair dream about having curly hair, and vice versa. I must admit with pride that in my case it is different. I have straight hair, I always had it and I will always have it. Of course, from […]


How to Style Hair? Cosmetics for Strong Hold & Long-Lasting Effects

Hey, pretties! At first we cut, then we color, finally we style… How to do it properly and which products to use for the stunning looks? You will find a few useful tips in the post. Read on! Wax, paste, gel The products are used by both men and women. Non-transparent pastes help create updos and […]


Clay and all you need to know about – My short manual

Hi, Girls! Nothing cleanses skin better than the clay. I love it and my personal favourite is both powdered and drug store version of clay. Mother Nature gifted us with several types of this healing and caring substance and each of it is responsible for different skin type needs. Check out which clay colour is […]


L’Oreal Paris Elseve The Magical Power of Essential Oil Hair Cream – Review

Hey Girls, I know that many of you are interested in oil hair treatment (hair oiling as some of you call the procedure) and you would like to know which oils to buy. Are the oils available in a drug store worthwhile to use? What’s the effect when we finally apply them to hair? Many […]