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Make-up ideas for autumn. Beauty trends for everyone

Hello Girls, Gold, rubies and emeralds… No, unfortunately, these aren’t the make-up ideas but the colours that you can currently see while taking a look through the window. Indeed, autumn is a marvellous artist that paints leaves beautifully. However, we, girls, should use different colours to do make-up. Thanks to my today’s entry, you’re going […]


New fall collection by Dolce&Gabbana – Fall in Bloom

Hi, Girls! Fall is just around the corner. We change clothes, perfume and… cosmetics. I decided to test new collection by Dolce&Gabbana — Fall in Bloom, which contains cosmetics in truly autumn colors. It holds: eye shadows, lipstick, highlighter, mascara and nail polish. Fall colors in Dolce&Gabbana collection At first, these do not go along […]