Silk for hair – The Action, Types and Use


Smooth hair with a natural glow? It is effect achievable only with silk. Check out how you should use it and which product will be best for you. After all, silk is a very popular and highly recommended product for hair stylization and beautification.

What is silk for hair?

Silk is a nourishing cosmetic recommended for hair. Its main properties are:

  • nourishment – unfortunately, silk provides a temporary effect which lasts until next hair wash;
  • regeneration – improves hair condition in the long run. The substances contained in the product penetrate deep into the hair structure;
  • protection – it works on the hair surface in order to protect it from harmful external factors by creating a protective layer.

How does silk for hair work?

The silk for hair properties are:

  • coating hair with a protective layer;
  • nourishment, moisturizing and repair of the hair structure;
  • regulates work of sebaceous glands;
  • anti-dandruff action;
  • protects hair against flyaways;
  • softens, ensures gloss and smoother;
  • makes combing easier.

The types of silk for hair

Silk is recommended for weak, damaged and dry hair with split ends. Its type and formula are chosen based on hair condition. Mostly, the silk can be found in the form of serum, liquid or spray. It is also included in shampoos and conditioners. What is more, silk may be enhanced by vegetable oils or vitamins.

How should you use silk for hair?

Silk is applied in a small amount onto the prewashed and still damp hair. You need to spread it in your hands then administer it from the roots to ends. If you suffer from split ends, increase the amount of product applied directly to the damaged area. On the other hand, if you have greasy hair, you should avoid silk use near roots. Remember also that silk can be applied both to dry and damp hair.

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