5 World’s Most Expensive Beauty Products: How much would you spend to improve your look?

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I know that from time to time each one of us likes surrounding themselves with some luxurious stuff. Is it typical of you to sometimes throw into a shopping basket some horrendously expensive beauty products? Later you come back home and think that for the money that you’ve just spent you could have some cool designer’s bag? Okay, I guess I took it too far, but I wanted to paint a picture for you – that we keep buying expensive stuff only to regret that later. To cheer you up, I’ll tell you that there are some people in the world who can afford to spend a fortune on such ridiculously expensive beauty products. How much in particular? Here are 5 world’s most expensive beauty products designed especially for such cosmetic snobs.

1. H. Couture, Beauty Diamond Mascara

Everybody knows how a regular mascara product looks like, yet this one, launched by H. Couture, has out-of-this-word packaging. What does it mean? The tube is covered up with 2 500 light blue diamonds. A funny thing is that at first the mascara was sold in a tube covered with Swarovski crystals and 18K gold, but its cost wasn’t high (haha, funny) because you had to spend “only” 600 bucks for it. However, since this mascara enjoyed huge popularity mainly among the wealthy citizens and visitors of Las Vegas, the owner of this brand decided to create a little bit more expensive version of the same product. Actually, it was FAR MORE EXPENSIVE because they created a mascara which is worth $14 mln.

2. Essie, „I Do” Nail Polish

Essie surprised everyone! Can you imagine that the brand that launches your favorite “regular” nail polishes has also released its latest offering, that is this super extraordinary nail polish? Its color is platinum and it’s made of – surprise, surprise – platinum too. Yes, you read it correctly. This “I Do” nail polish is a result of a cooperation among Allure Magazine, Essie Cosmetics, Platinum Gold International, Henry Dunay and Johnson Matthey – quite a company, isn’t it? Well, together they managed to create a $55 000 worth nail polish! I’m just wondering if it chips off as regular nail polish does.

3. Creme De La Mer

A fun fact for a start: Do you know that this cream was used by Blair Waldorf’s mother (Gossip Girl; drama series)? This means just one thing – La Mer is a tough player among all brands selling beauty products.

La Mer is almost an iconic figure in the beauty industry. Continuously it holds its position as one of the world’s most expensive beauty brands. The creator of this cream’s formula claims that it’s composed of unique ingredients. One of them is algae that are said to be exposed to some kind of radiation and sound waves that are known only to the creator. The reviews confirm that this cream is able to reduce wrinkles and replenish moisture in skin in some magical way.

4. Diamond and 24K gold eyelashes

Do you fancy lash jewellery? If so, give these diamond lashes available in Wal-Mart a go. Their sole distributor is Krē-āt Beauty brand. What is cool about this accessory? The diamonds are arranged along the lash stripe and enriched with 14K gold. I’m wondering if your lashes can handle such weight. Do you find diamond shine a little bit too much? Well, the good news is that Krē-āt Beauty has also launched 24-karat yellow gold lashes. These false diamond lashes cost a few thousand dollars and are available only on request.

5. DKNY, Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle

“What does a billionaire smell like?”, we could ask. Sadly, I don’t know the answer to that question, but I know that the fragrance created by DKNY is worth a million. Indeed, this is its real value. This costly project was taken up by DKNY and a world-recognized jewellery designer – Martin Katz. The phial resembles an apple and is covered with a 14-karat yellow and white gold. Apart from that, it contains: 183 yellow sapphires, 2 700 white diamonds, turquoise tourmaline Paraiba originated from Brazil having 1.6K, Cabochon emerald from Sri Lanka, 14 pink diamonds that come from Australia, 4 oval pink diamonds, 3.04K rubies and 2.43K yellow Canary diamond. Whoa, that’s a lot! On top of that, all these gems create a landscape of New York skyscrapers. The bad news is that there is just one piece of these perfumes. They were sold at an auction (Action Against Hunger) held to, as you can guess…, fight hunger.

What are your thoughts? It has got pretty luxurious, hasn’t it? I guess it won’t harm us if we treat ourselves to some ridiculously expensive beauty product from time to time, right?

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